The student's conference «Microbiological aspects of HIV and AIDS»


The student's conference «Microbiological aspects of HIV and AIDS» was organized at March, 28 by Morphological sciences Department of Tentishev S. Memorial Asian medical institute. Under the guidance of the Head of Morphological sciences Department I. Kniazev, the teacher of microbiology O. Peregudova third year students of Medical faculty prepared interesting scientifically based reports about major problems of HIV/AIDS – morphology, replication, pathogenesis, stages, clinical features, opportunistic infections, of HIV/AIDS. Special attention was paid to global epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and especially to morbidity and mortality of HIV in India, Pakistan and Africa. The report about diagnostic methods of HIV (Sasi Murugan, 13group) was one of the most emotional and convincing report. Future medical doctors learned a lot about antiretroviral therapy, ways of transmission and prophylaxis of this terrible disease. Vice rector of Tentishev S. Memorial Asian medical institute A.Kushbakeeva, Dean of Medical faculty Sh.Kachieva, Head of educational and methodological Department S. Bekbulatova participated in the Conference. The student of 17th group Aamir Ejaz was moderator of this conference. The main goal of these conferences is to improve student's knowledge, to promote scientific research. Certificates for participation have been awarded to students by vice rector of AsMI A.Kushbakeeva.