February 2 at the Asian Medical Institute named after Satkynbay Tentishev held a solemn event WELCOME PARTY; for first-year students. First-year students took the Hippocratic Oath. Rector AzMI Professor Selpiev TT presented the Student ID to freshmen and wished them an excellent study.

Founder of AzMI Tentishev ES “Dear students, you all came here to study from different countries. Your parents are not expecting a diploma from you, but real knowledge, so that you become real doctors. In AzMI for you all conditions

for study, leisure, living in comfortable conditions. Therefore, you should make every effort to use every hour every day, without losing precious time, to gain knowledge from various sources: from teachers, from books, from the

Internet. Today, about 3 thousand students study at AzMI. Every year, students are awarded grants from the founder’s personal fund and AzMI funds for excellent study and active participation in university events. I wish you all patience, success.

Founder of AzMI Tentishev ES awarded grants to an excellent student and activists: 100% grant - to 2 students of the department of Dentistry,

70% -3; 50% -10; 30% -6 students and scholarships-15 students of the dental faculty. The following grants were awarded to the medical faculty: 100% -10 students; 50% -5 students; 30% -7; 129 medical students received scholarships.

The students of AzMI prepared a concert.